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Tuff Coat

Traditional Asphalt Sealant

Tuff Coat is a mineral reinforced, water-borne, black, bituminous asphalt sealer designed to seal any pavement application. Tuff Coat is extremely durable, flexible, long wearing, anti-skid, water impermeable surface, ready for full traffic in just a few hours. Tuff Coat has been formulated to have the best adhesion and earliest cohesion of any seal coat on the market. No fibrous fillers are added to this product, resulting in only mineral solid residuals and a faster setting more durable product with no possibility of bacterial growth.

As a result of this formulation, when Tuff Coat is properly applied and cured, it forms a tough, weather, wear and UV resistant surface with the most tenacious bonding to the underlying asphalt you can get. The result is a beautiful, deep black, protected pavement.

Add Life and Value to your Pavement! Tuff Coat protects pavement from the deteriorating effects of weather UV and traffic wear.

♦ Oil
♦ Traffic
♦ Ice, snow, salt
♦ Seeping or pooling water

These factors constantly wear away at asphalt pavement. Even the best quality asphalt needs protection!

Advantages & Benefits:

• Increased Durability
• Increased Adhesion to Underlying Surface
• More Scuff Resistant
• Superior UV Resistance
• Faster Cure Rate than standard sealcoats
• Earlier Striping and Traffic Release
• Increased Flexibility
• Unsurpassed Moisture Resistance
• No PAH Threat to Environment
• Non-Carcinogenic


• High traffic flow roadways
• Low traffic roadway areas
• Subdivisions
• Commercial
• Residential
• Areas subject to scuffing such as Cul-de-sac, storage areas, areas with forklift use
• Parking lots can now be seal coated with little or no tenant interruption or inconvenience due to a fast curing rate